Christmas Wishes

We want to ensure that we give gifts with the best play value while suiting the needs of the recipients the most.  Often times we run short of toys for tweens and teens. They are still kids to us and we always do our best to be there for them. Please consider our Christmas Wishlist.

Babies, Toddlers & Preschoolers
Outdoor toys (tricycle, kick scooter, balance bike), building blocks (Megablocks, wooden blocks), play doh, musical toys (xylophone, maracas, drums), educational toys (Shape sorting cube, abacus, Octotunes), crayons, paints & easels, age appropriate electronics, toy cars and train sets, animal figures.

Elementary School Kids
Building toys (Lego, Duplo), Outdoor toys (skateboard, kick scooter, bike, soccer ball, basketball, sled), games & Brain twisters (Pokemon Cards, Perplexus, Monopoly, Cranium Family Edition), Barbie, art sets (pencil crayons, pastels), backpacks, Nerf, and remote control cars.

Tweens & Teens
Electronics, Fujifilm Instax or Polaroid Camera and film, bluetooth speakers, drones, tablets, books, backpacks,  tea & coffee travel mug, watch, headphones, musical instruments, make-up, bath bombs, curling wands and hair straighteners, games (Catan, Cards Against Humanity, Scrabble), video game consoles. Tickets to concerts & sports events and gift cards are great so that tweens and teens can pick out something for themselves that they will love and need (coffee, mall, store).

Want to skip the shopping?

Donate directly to LMCB online. Our Charity is registered with .  We will work hard to make sure Christmas is a special time for each of our registered families.  We deeply appreciate your support!  

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